Greetings LISD Counselors:

 This week we celebrate you, with a heart filled with our deepest gratitude, esteem and love for the work that you do on behalf of our students, our schools and our LISD community! Without a doubt, you are such an essential part of our LISD family. From the bottom of the heart that is LISD, we thank you for always reaching out to our students to communicate the ways in which we can support their dreams and assist in their preparation for the pursuit of a higher education, a satisfying career or enlistment in our military forces. Indeed, we are most fortunate to work alongside you, especially with every initiative that you undertake to serve our students through our community partnerships and in our outreach efforts to our LISD families.

Clearly, you are the shoulder upon which they lean, the heart that understands their innermost joys and fears, and always the hope for the future they envision for themselves. As counselors, you have been there to wipe their tears and cheer for their victories. You pick up the pieces to begin anew, and you are the voice for those who cannot always speak. In essence, you lead the way with heart; you inspire change and support growth, and in ways that encourage our children, you help them to achieve their goals.

Our own experiences reflect the positive influence that our counselors have upon those whom they serve. Clearly With this being said, please know that I, along with our Board of Trustees and our LISD family, thank you for all the sacrifices that you continue to make on behalf of our students and for your unwavering commitment to their academic and social well-being. Today, we celebrate our Counselors and wish them continued success, much love and blessings as we travel our LISD journey together. 

 With Deepest Gratitude and Respect,

 Dr. Sylvia G. Rios
LISD Superintendent of Schools